Thirty-eight (38) people are identified to play a role in the APPGM-SDG Secretariat. Unlike 2020 and 2021 where key positions were held by volunteers, a bulk of work shall be undertaken by full-time staff due to the work demands and dateline. However, we do recognize that expert input and experience are among many of the academics and senior civil society partners and therefore their role is essential.

The Secretariat operates not in a hierarchical way but in a flat level of leadership structure with consultation and support. Senior members of the team who are subject experts are also custodians of the localizing SDGs project. 

Prof Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria

Head of APPGM-SDG Secretariat

HoS Unit

Nur Rahmah Othman

Head Of HoS Unit
Afiqah Abdul Malik
Administrative Staff

Finance unit

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Anthony Tan Kee Huat

Head Finance Unit
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Rachel Tan Chong Keng

Finance Officer

Constituency Coordination Unit

James Ryan Raj
Head Of Constituency Coordination Unit
Paniirselvam Jayaraman
Executive Officer,

Project Management Office
Dr Siti Nur Ain Binti Zakinuddin
Constituency Officer
Dr Wan Suzita Wan Ibrahim
Constituency Officer
Dr Thanaraj Murudi
Constituency officer
Nurul Syaza Mazelan
Constituency officer
Mala Dass
Solution Admin Clerk

communication & Capacity department

Zoel Ng Yuet Yeng

Head of Communication & Capacity department
Jeremiah Nathan Raj

Communication staff

Research & Policy Consultant

Dr Teo Sue Ann

Research & Policy Consultant
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Debbie Ann Loh

Policy & Research Officer
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Dr Teo Lee Ken

Policy & Research Officer

sabah office

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Dr Jain Yassin

Sabah Regional Coordinator
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Nurrul Fazlina Osman

Sabah Regional Officer

sarawak office

Prof Madya Dr Zaimuariffudin Shukri Nordin

Sarawak Regional Coordinator
Dr Eva Kristin Larry Sait

Sarawak Constituency Officer

resource person

Historical Timeline

CSO discussion in Oct 2015 & formation of the Malaysian CSO- SDG Alliance.
Panel of speakers:
EPU, SUHAKAM, ISIS Malaysia, PROHAM, Bar Council & NGOs.

CSO Input to VNR (2017) & SDG National Roadmap (2018).

On July 17, 2017 Malaysia presented the VNR report at the UN in New York.

Malaysian CSOs hosted a feedback discussion at the UN Plaza on July 18, 2017. 

Malaysian CSOs also met the EPU Minister at the UN in New York on July 18, 2017 to share our views and concerns. 

Malaysian VNR 2017 - CSO active at HLPF in New York process. 

UN Award for SDG work. This is a significant recognition for the Malaysian CSO-SDG Alliance Oct 2017.

Dinner on July 1, 2019 hosted by Speaker of Parliament on the formation of the APPGM-SDG.

First Chair & Deputy –Oct 2019.

At APPGM-SDG Committee @ Parliament on March 10, 2021.

Photo of key office bearers taken at the Society AGM on March 9, 2021.

Launch of the APPGM-SDG Annual Report (2020).

APPGM-SDG Report (2020) distributed to MPs (14 Sept 2021).

YB Chair – Policy briefing & speech in parliament (Jan 20, 2022).

sdg 17 partnership for goals 

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Being a part of the Malaysian CSO-SDG Platform means being a member of a large cross-thematic network of Malaysian NGOs, think thank, social enterprises to be seen as a solid front for CSOs to push for SDG development.

Step 1. FIll Up the form to express interest.
Step 2. Participate in the orientation to understand how the platform works. 
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