Batang Lupar, Sarawak



Project description

ePreneur – Grow Your Business True Potential aims to provide understanding and training on digital business so that the youth in Lingga, Batang Lupar can establish and grow businesses while expanding to markets outside of their locality while being independent of local associations.

The solution project funded by the APPGM-SDG widens and diversifies opportunities for lifelong learning, prevents poverty, and is able to promote inclusive and productive economic growth.

The project is to benefit 15 entrepreneurs from youth (18-39 years old), 15 entrepreneurs from women (18-39 years old), and 10 from mix age of men and women.

Participants will be provided with six modules of training that covers business basics, financial planning, social media marketing, E-Commerce training, fundamentals of business and photography workshop.

The solution provider of this project is Heritage Youth Club (HYC) & World Merit Malaysia (WMM) with collaborations of Pertubuhan Sukarelawan Kebajikan Sri Aman (PSKSA).

The project duration is five months with an allocation of RM30,000.00.

The main SDGs impacted through this solution project is Goal 1 – Ensure poverty ends in every forms, Goal 4 – Promote lifelong learning and Goal 8 – Promote economic growth.


Project description

English is a third most spoken language in the world and it has become one of the most important language in Malaysia. In most universities, English is widely used as a tool for learning process of knowledge. Therefore, it is important to learn English in early stage especially in urban area or rural area.

Creating a webinar for teachers or volunteers can be beneficial to the community because they can learn English in a simple and interactive way. The webinars will be consisted of three modules; basic sound, blending, fluency, and comprehension.

English can be improved and it can be sustained because teachers or volunteers nowadays know how to teach English in better and more fun way.

Sustaining English as a second language for non-English speakers would benefit about 1080 students in Beting Maro, Sebuyau, and Lingga through an enjoyable and easy way of learning.

The solution project funded by the APPGM-SDG will encourage students to learn and will be able to communicate effectively either in economic sector, or other sectors as well.

The solution provider of this project is Yayasan Ikhlas. The project duration is four months with an allocation of RM40,000.00.

The main SDGs impacted through this solution project is Goal 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education for all.


Project description

One of the latest methods of growing vegetables is gardening using hydroponic methods. This method does not use soil and it has several advantages.

Among its advantages is that this system can be practiced on areas that are not suitable for normal cultivation, for example such as acidic soils. Vegetables also grow faster and produce results faster. Gardeners in Batang Lupar also do not need to weed; they can even use water and fertilizer that is controlled and more effective.

With the methods teach to the participants, participants can use these skills more effectively to develop their potential, product marketing and improve socioeconomic

With this project solution which funded by APPGM-SDG, the opportunity is brighter in producing modern gardeners who are more viable in line with current technological developments and able to produce better quality products with the maximum number of production quantities.

The project is to benefit individual recipients or participants that are expected to be in the 40s consisting of local residents in Batang Lupar, ranging in age from 18 years to 45 years from both genders.

The solution provider of this project is Syarikat Subhi Urusniaga with collaboration of Kelab Belia Generasi Baru Bandar Sri Aman (GEN-KBSA).


The project duration is three months with an allocation of RM40,000.00. The main SDGs impacted through this solution project are Goal 1: No poverty, Goal 5: Gender equality and Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth.


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