Ipoh Barat, Perak



Project description

The Ipoh Barat area has the potential for organic crops. The main purpose of this cultivation is to help the poor people around the Ipoh Barat area by spreading the knowledge of how to grow vegetables organically. Efforts to produce organic crops have been well received by the residents of Buntong.

This is because the crop has a high demand from in and outside the country. However, at this point, the crop from Buntong is still unable to meet market demand. With large land resources in Buntong, organic cultivation will ensure the sustainability of the environment and the agricultural sector in Buntong in the long run.

The problem of lack of job opportunities is also a big problem for the youth in Buntong. This project will train young people of Buntong who are looking for employment opportunities in the agricultural sector. This project benefits 10 youths belonging to 4 girls and 6 boys.

The solution provider of this project is Persatuan Akademi Kesenian Sebastiar Perak. The project duration is three months with an allocation of RM31,375.00.

The main SDGs impacted through this solution project are Goal 1 – No poverty, Goal 8 – Decent work and economic growth and Goal 12 – Responsible consumption and production.


Project description

This project aims to address long-standing issues that require dialogue with MBI and JPS that would help form partnership to resolve urban poverty.
The issues happen mainly in four area which are Kampung Tai Lee, Sungai Pari Towers, Spooner roads and flats. There are a lot of land, housing and infrastructure issues that causes damage on flooding piping for Kampung Tai Lee and Spooner road. Abandon building also can be restructured as a living place for the urban poor. For flats area, the issues involving community relations, welfare aid to single mothers, sick and senior citizens and also CCTV system should be improved to aim a better life towards zero poverty.

Thus, this project will organize a community dialogue involving parliamentary representative, local authorities and state government agencies to identify the key delivery issues. Solutions and way forward also will be discussed as an action plan.

The solution provider of this project is Persatuan Kebajikan Komuniti dan Dialog. The project duration is four months with an allocation of RM20,000.00.

The main SDGs impacted through this solution project are Goal 1: No Poverty and Goal 17: Partnership for Goals.


Project description

Malaysia has pledged to reduce its carbon emission by 45% by the year of 2030 by signing the Paris Agreement to curb with the issue of global warming. All the respective sectors from grass root organization towards the large private entities had worked together to achieve this goal. Our future generation, the youth group is undoubtedly the most affected and influential figures to lead our country towards the pathway of combating climate change.

This 6-weeks program will provide training for youth to championing the sustainability in Ipoh despite the constraints from Covid-19 pandemic. Through the pilot trainings, participants will learn on how to leverage their impact as sustainability and environmental leaders towards the local community.

The project is to benefit 25 youth leaders (select 5 potential leaders from each national school in Ipoh) preferably age 17 and above and under the household B40 group).

This program will provide engaged young leaders with the skills, attitudes, knowledge, and experience needed to increase their capacity to influence positive change in their communities despite the challenges from the pandemic and unpack and promote a carbon ‘one planet’ future.

The solution provider of this project is Alison Yoon Education Consultancy. The project duration is three months with an allocation of RM40,000.00.



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