Kota Belud, Sabah



Project description

The issue of clean water supply is the main issue of Kg. Sayap because it is often clogged and often murky. This is due to the technical system of the existing gravity system not functioning properly and not in good condition. This not only affects the supply of clean air and health, but it can also affect the economy of the villagers who do business and so on.

The project involves the improvement of the existing gravity system and the installation of a filter system provided to prevent dirt during heavy rains and prevent from clogging. The community project will be run in collaboration between the Peace Welfare Club and the Kampung Sayap Youth Club. All participants will be trained by Dr Justin Sentian. The technical design of the gravity system is not complicated and can be done in a mutual aid manner involving the local community.

This project can improve the gravity tap water system with a filtration system so that residents, small traders and tourism product operators can enjoy clean water resources in line with efforts to achieve sustainable economic growth. The project will also create a community of water management committee to ensure the sustainability of water supply management and foster cooperation and unity among the community and stakeholder agencies.

This project is to benefit Kampung Sayap community. The solution provider of this project is Kelab Kebajikan Kedamaian in collaboration with Kelab Belia Kampung Sayap. The project duration is five months with an allocation of RM40,000.00.


Project description

The goal of this initiative is to provide a sustainable, resilient and inclusive small economic center. The provision of stalls is under the initiative of traders and hawkers. However, almost all hawkers are from the poor (B40) and cannot afford to build or provide stalls that have roofs and tables. Most hawkers just sit on the ground and are exposed to hot weather or rain. Hygiene issues are also neglected, especially raw materials and foods such as fish and vegetables.

Farmers and fishermen around these communities also rely entirely on guest markets to market and sell their produce due to lack of their own vehicles, skills in digital marketing and lack of funds, as well as living in remote areas.

Therefore, skills training and workshops on guest management, business and environmental sustainability are desperately needed to help them. For the sustainability of the program, a target of 10 people will be involved in the training.

The solution provider of this project is Malaysian Academy Of SME & Entrepreneurship Development (MASMED) in collaboration with Kelab Belia Kampung Sayap. The project duration is five months with an allocation of RM40,000.00.


Project description

A large part of the problem in Kg. Song-Song is the poverty trap and generational poverty. In most cases, women were left behind in villages when men out-migrate for work and take on multiple family responsibilities, whereas the women mostly perform care-work, hence, limiting their ability to engage in economic activity, attend training, and travel distances to markets.

Hence, this project will aim to increase women’s’ economic opportunity include training, supporting infrastructure such as Community Learning Centre (CLC) for women’s’ group activity, and network to empower rural women and girls are essential.

This program consists of trainings to participants for four potential economic activities; traditional handcraft, sewing, small-scale agriculture and mini waste management. Another component of the program is to establish and empower women’s’ association.

This project will have a collaboration between Pusat Kraftangan Sabah (Sabah), E-Bazar and Pusat Tamu Kota Belud to provide a mini workshop and a promotional platform for producers of local handicrafts and help them market their products.

The project duration is five months with an allocation of RM40,000.00.

The main SDGs impacted through this solution project is Goal 1 – End poverty in all its form everywhere, Goal 4 – Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education for all, Goal 5 – Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls, Goal 8 – Promote sustainable, inclusive and economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all, Goal 10 – Reduce inequality within and among countries and Goal 12 – Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.


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